Share your opinion with TelltheBell and be rewarded 500 dollars!

Today you have an amazing opportunity to win 500 dollars without any investments or much efforts four TacoBell customers. All you would have to do is to take survey online. So, what exactly do you need to do to win $ 500 cash prize?

What is survey about?

First of all be aware that this is the survey created by Taco Bell. The company invites their customers to take a chance to win a cash prize in the satisfaction survey. If you comply with their requirements you will be eligible to participate in this amazing challenge.  The TacoBell customers really like this offer.

Taco Bell has been known all over US for a long period of time. The company operates the network of 6500 branches. As you can imagine the TacoBell has a huge number of fans and this is important to learn what their customers think, what they would prefer and just listen to their point of view about their service. TellTheBell customer survey is a great option to stay in touch with the customers. Leave your feedback in TellThe Bell survey for TacoBell could improve their service.  

TacoBell pays 500 dollars for the review provided by their customers. To participate in this survey read carefully if you are compliant to participate – check it at survey.

Are you eligible to participate in TelltheBell survey?

Here is an overview of the requirements to participate in the TellTheBell customer survey:

  • A customer can participate in the survey if you are a citizen if the USA and the District of Columbia;
  • Only adult customers (18 years old or older) are eligible to participate in the survey to get a 500 dollars prize;
  • TellTheBell survey is available in two languages: in English and in Espanol, so you need to speak at least one of them;
  • Only customers, who did not win this prize before are eligible;
  • The survey consists of the 13 entry periods. A customer is eligible to patriciate only in one entry per period;
  • Participating in the survey of TellTheBell means a customer is agreeing to bear all the responsibility for the taxes, or any other fees on the survey;
  • There is no special fee to enter the sweepstakes TellTheBell survey;
  • Only one entry is allowed for one person – no matter what is the method of entry;
  • The winner of TellTheBell survey can get only one prize.

If a customer is eligible for the survey to leave a feedback to the Taco, he will need to complete the requirements of Taco survey to have the right to claim the prize. That’s crucial since if something is missing or a customer is not providing all the information, he will not be able to receive $ 500 cash prize for TellTheBell satisfaction survey. Here is the list of the requirements:

  1. On the receipts, you will see a unique 16 digits code. Make sure to record when you visited Taco Bell, don’t throw away the receipt, because you would need to have this information to take a TellTheBell customer survey.
  2. You can also do the satisfaction survey online on the official webpage of the company or via mail.
  3. Check your Internet connection on PC, tablet or smartphone before starting the survey online.
  4. If you are participating in the survey by mail, you will be obliged to provide your personal information.

What is the procedure of participating in the Tell the Bell Survey?

Tell the Bell makes announcements about the winners of the survey each week. There is a strict request though to follow the number of rules of the survey, and if a person fails, then another winner will be selected for a particular period.

Participating in the customer satisfaction survey from Taco Bell by mail

In order to have a chance to win 500 dollars cash prize, you are to provide your full name in the application. It should be spelled exactly as on your lunch receipts when you were making purchases in the TacoBell. Also, you have to give your address information, including State. You are to provide an Email address, date of birth (DOB). All this information must be on 3”X5” piece of paper and handwritten. It must be mailed in a business envelope to:

Taco Bell 2017 Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 6047, Dept. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655

Participating in TellTheBell customer survey online

Search for website, enter the 16 digits code, which is on your receipt (as we have mentioned above you need it). In case you do not have the 16 code – find “click here” link and you will be given a code. Then you will be asked to provide the purchase details of your visit, date, time when you went to TacoBell.

When you are done with this part, you will see several questions on your screen. Please answer them honestly. After that, you will be asked to provide your contact information — if you’ll be a winner of 500 dollars prize, the managers could contact you in a convenient way.

Contact information for the Taco Bell Sweepstakes Survey

Below please see the phone number (s) to call in case you need more information on the survey of TellTheBell or have any inquiry:

  • 1- 949 -863-4500 (Corporate Office)
  • 1- 800 -822-6235 (Customer Service)

You can also leave a complaint or comments calling the numbers above.

Headquarters of TacoBell is located at 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine CA 92618.

Follow all the requirements and you will be closer to winning 500 cash prize!

We wish most of good luck and to become one of the winners of the survey! Share your story with us when you are nominated for a prize.