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If you are a regular client of some popular establishments you are probably aware of surveys. Every company wants to reach the perfection and there is no better way but to study your drawbacks. That is how a survey works — clients come to establishments, try their service and share their satisfaction online. Even though there is an enormous variety of social networks where people keep sharing their experience about places and other stuff, the survey still remains the main and most valuable source for getting most appropriate and structured responses from the customers. That helps to define a good point and get rid of problems if any, improve the level of services, learn what to pick up from the competitors, use for own benefit and grow as a brand.

If there are some problems, companies do their best to eliminate them. Customers also can leave their suggestions for a business, so there are all chances that your comment may lead to serious changes in a big company. So, clients shouldn’t forget about their power, they really can do a lot to make any company change or take some measures.

Besides, there is a chance to get free cookies, but it may change. Who knows, maybe, next time you will get a sandwich or something else.

Tell Subway 1 minute survey: instructions

To leave your message about Subway you have to do simple steps we have described here. It will not take so much time and in the end, you will get a reward. So you lose nothing.

As a motivation tool, the customers are offered a free cookie for completion of the survey, which in total would take 1 minute.

This is going to be customer’s feedback telling the chain about last purchase and experience in one of the locations of the brand.

Questions are related to food, quality of services, cleanliness of the place and the general layout.

  1. Visit the customer feedback service at
  2. Find the Subway store id number on the top of the receipt and begin the survey.
  3. Enter data and time from the receipt.
  4. Enter the receipt number.
  5. Answer questions honestly.
  6. If you want to get a coupon code, you have to enter your E-Mail address.
  7. You will get a validation code, you have to write it down and show next time in Subway.

Read to participate? Great, just be reminded that there is a limit of 24 hours period for submission of one filled survey. In other words, one person is eligible to fill out one survey within the period of 24 hours. Also, the age of the customer who is providing the feedback must be no less than the average age in the province of residence.

About Subway

Subway is a popular fast food restaurant chain that specializes in sandwiches (we also call them subs) and salads. Subway was growing so fast that in several years it became well-known all over the world and you can easily find one of 44,000 restaurants in your location. The peculiar feature of Subway fast food is that it offers more healthy food compared with other fast food restaurants. You will find here baked bread, fresh tasty salads, cheese, ham, and chicken.

Subway has its establishments in 110 countries and territories, so there are no doubts that Subway took the world by storm with delicious food from the menu and professional service. For the first time, it was open in 1965 by Fred DeLuca. Currently, the chain counts about 30 000 locations. Taking part in Subway survey means that you are a responsible client and you take care of other clients too.

This is your opportunity to help Subway maintain a healthy product and excellent customer service by giving your candid feedback