Participate in Talk to Sonic survey and get Free Route 44 drink in exchange

More than 3500 branches of Sonic Drive-In restaurants are based in 44 countries. This is a very popular restaurant chain, visited daily by hundreds of clients. Sonic Drive is popular for the tasty meals they offer. Such popularity, of course, requires that the services of the company meet the expectations of the clients, that’s why Sonic Drive-In team puts maximum efforts to make their clients happy. The restaurant not just offers great stuff for the visitors, they want to be sure that their offers are something the clients are looking forward to. This is why they have created a Talk to Sonic survey, which is aimed to help the company to understand the needs and desires of their clients. See more details of the survey at survey launched!

TalkToSonic customer survey is a specially designed program for the customers, who visited the outlets could leave their feedback and get a prize – a free Route 44! The customers can tell Talk to Sonic at what they feel needs to be improved or changed or what they would like to see in the restaurant. The survey is to be filled in at This is not a new idea, of course, that’s why Sonic Drive decided to inspire their customers and create a sort of motivation, providing a free Route 44 drink. In this case, Sonic Drive offers a free route 44 drink in exchange for providing your opinion at Share your experience, impressions, the point of views, suggest your ideas, tell is there is something you are unhappy with, either services or food quality and Sonic Drive will give you a prize – a free Route 44 drink.

What is Talk to Sonic Survey about?

This is a Talk to Sonic satisfaction survey at, where a customer can tell how much satisfied he or she is with the services of Sonic drive. At they ask the clients to tell their opinion about the quality of the services at In exchange, you will be given a free Route 44 drink.

The main points of the Sonic Drive survey include the following items:

  • Your opinion about Sonic Drive-in;
  • How do the employees of the Sonic Drive-In restaurant behave;
  • You can notify the restaurant in case there was an issue during one of your last visits to the chain;
  • Do you plan to return to Sonic Drive-In?
  • Provide your evaluation of the level of services in the chain;
  • How often do you visit the Sonic Drive restaurant?;
  • What was the occasion you visited Sonic Drive-In?
  • Are you going to come to the restaurant once again?

Answer all of these questions at and you will have a chance to win free route 44 drink.

Participating in Sonic Drive-In customer survey at

In order to participate in the Talk to Sonic review at and get free route 44 you would need to ensure:

  1. The last receipt of your visit to the chain should not be older than 14 days, outdated receipts will not be accepted. The receipt is the validation for you.
  2. Good internet connection;
  3. You must 18 years old or more to participate in;
  4. You agree to provide your contact information on;
  5. The discount you have can be used just once;
  6. The code you have expires in 60 days;
  7. Employees or close family members of Sonic are not allowed to participate in survey to get free route 44;

What you need to do to get the reward – free Route 44 drink

As you already you are going to get a Sonic Free Route 44 drink instead of your opinion. The drink will include iced tea, soft drink, limeades or slushes.

How to fill in the SonicSurvey on

We have listed a detailed Talk to Sonic guest guide on how to complete the survey and become a happy winner. Given you are eligible for participation in the survey, as we have mentioned above please do the following:

  • Search for Talk to Sonic official webpage of the survey:;
  • This survey is available in two languages, in English and Spanish. You have an option of selecting the language in which you prefer to take the survey –;
  • On the next page you will be invited to leave your comments about the last time you visited the Sonic chain;
  • Then you will see a question on demographics;
  • Upon responding to all the questions of the survey, you will get a unique code;
  • Put down the code on Talk to Sonic receipt. Next time you go to the Sonic restaurant you will get your free Route 44 drink in exchange for this coupon.

Now you are ready to take a chance to win at free route 44.

How to redeem your free route 44

Every month the Sonic Drive announces the list with the names of the winners who participated in survey. Those people whose names are listed will be provided with a special coupon for a free Route 44 drink, via email. Upon receiving this coupon, the winner can exchange in it one of the chain restaurants for a free Route 44 drink.

The Talkto Sonic chain of restaurants is well known for the high-quality food and services. The main office of the company is located in Oklahoma City, USA.

Fast food products are well known and popular in the US. The company is famous for supporting and hosting skating carhop. Customers of the Sonic chain enjoy the variety of food they offer.

Some facts from the history of Sonic Drive-In

The company was founded in 1953 as a Top Hat driver in the company by Troy Smith. He began his career as a milkman. Later after the end of the World War II, he was selling bread. In few years he was able to open his own fast food restaurant. He was a very successful businessman, he expanded his business and Sonic has become of the world’s biggest fast-food chain restaurants. The motto of the company is “Service with the Speed of the Sound”. In 1959 the company was renamed from Top Hat to Sonic.

Sonic Drive-In tries to offer only top-quality services to the customers and introduces new options and services. For example, it was one of the markets that started home delivery. The food was delivered directly to the door of the customer upon preliminary order. In 1991 Sonic becomes a publicly traded company.

What does Sonic Drive-In offer to the valuable customers?

The Sonic Drive company does take care of its image for years and really cares about the quality of food services. The splendid work resulted in great results. Sonic Drive offers hamburgers, onion rings, French fries, corn dogs, chili dogs, sandwiches. Chili dogs are one of the most popular food item ordered by customers.

You can choose a drink – slushies, soft drinks, milkshakes, and cake shakes. There is a selection of desserts, like ice creams, banana splits, etc.

The work of the staff of Sonic Drive-In is organized in such a way that everything is done very fast, no one waits for a long time in the queues. In few minutes your order will be delivered to your table. If you prefer to have a snack from your home, you can order food delivery.

Have a question or do not know how to fill in the survey at

If you have a question to Sonic drive concerning the survey and how to redeem your free route 44, or simply do not know how to fill in the survey, you can always contact friendly Sonic Drive-In services and will help you with any issue you have.

Here are Talk to Sonic phone numbers you can call to get assistance from the company representatives:

  • 866 657 6642
  • 405 225 5000

Calling these Talk to Sonic numbers, a customer may also leave a complaint in case he is not satisfied with the work of Sonic Drive.

If you prefer to contact them online, you should go to the contact page of the website and submit an application, pointing your correct email address. They will reply to you shortly.

Another way to approach Sonic Drive-In is by mail.

As you have noticed this is an easy procedure, which doesn’t require any special skills, to participate in free and get route 44 drink. We wish you most of the good luck with Talk to Sonic survey and of course to get your free Route 44 drink at! Have a great time and make sure you redeem your free 44 drink!