Walmart Survey at $1 000 gift card

A $1000 gift card for winners looks like a great reward for spending just 10 minutes on the web. With Walmart survey you can kill two birds in one shot: first, you can help Walmart in development by answering simple questions and leaving a review, second, you can get a nice prize. If you are a Walmart fan, for sure some extra money for shopping will make your day. You would have to check out your receipt to apply for the reward. There is nothing complicated, just follow the simple rules and make sure you provide correct information about yourself – how to contact you, etc., so that in case you are a happy winner you would be notified immediately. Upon completion of the survey you are eligible for wining the prize — $1 000 gift card. Afterward, you can spend the money from it on clothes, toys, groceries, or any other items you consider to buy.

Just imagine that two sentences about the experience in fabric department you have visited yesterday can bring you good money. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Entry survey Walmart: instructions

In order to enter the Walmart survey and to leave your comment you have to follow some simple steps, here you will get a step-by-step instructions and recommendations on what to do to leave comments online. If you will follow all Walmart survey rules and will be attentive the process will take just 10 minutes.

  1. You have to visit the official site at Then you will find a customer feedback department.
  2. Then select language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter a zip code of the store you have visited (you can get it from the receipt).
  4. Then enter information about you:
    • your age
    • contact information (optional)
    • whether you are a receipt holder or not
    • answer whether there are family members employed in Walmart
  5. Enter the ID numbers from your receipt to start the survey
  6. At the end of survey you can take part in the draw and get a chance to win one of some $1000 shopping cards.

There is a minor restriction for being eligible for the survey – a person who provides the responses to the survey must be 18 years old.

About Walmart

The company was founded in 1969 since that time there are more than 2,2 million employees, 12,000 stores in almost 30 countries all over the world. Walmart deals with selling a great variety of products from clothing and up to gardening equipment. You will find sporting goods, hardware, grocery items, clothing and plenty of other stuff in the locations of Walmart.

The survey is designed to learn what the customers think, whether the staff was courteous, if you manage to find what you were going to buy, and instead offers you to win a nice prize – $1000.

So, there is a chance you can get a gift card for the amount of 1000 dollars for providing your point of view, not bad, right? The winners will be selected randomly and the winners will be informed shortly based on the personal information they provided in the survey.

Walmart company takes care of every customer, so they give a chance to win sweepstakes for sharing your satisfaction with the employee service and the quality of goods on line at Survey.Walmart com.