Pizza Hut Nebraska reviews

Reviews of Pizza Hut Nebraska customer experience survey

Beatrix Bates: The biggest plus was the fresh fruit that came with several dishes (including the regular order of French Toast I got). It was surprisingly good–fresh, ripe, tasty. I sampled everyone’s standard breakfast fare–eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausage–and it wasn’t anything special.

Phil Collins: Amazing service!

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Reviews of Pizza Hut Nebraska loyalty survey

Chrystal Lamb: Great food! We went on my birthday for breakfast and we asked 2 times for another water and the lady failed to bring us one. So I asked someone else for more water. After the food came (super fast) it was good but no one came to check on us once! Service was not as good as it should’ve been. We didn’t tip over 10% because of this and then the lady had balls to confront us about it. We explained this to her and left. Probably won’t be going back.

Penelope Baldwin: Margaret ordered a fried shrimp cake she said was delicious, an eggplant salad, and steamed rice. I ordered tonkatsu, and got three little cutlets, spicy burdok and lotus root salad, which had a nice tangy flavor to it, and steamed rice. The rice had sesame sprinkled on it. We both had genmai green tea, and the tab came to $21.

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Pizza Hut Nebraska customer satisfaction survey reviews

Edward Wilkins: This terribly rude guy took over after she left and could not separate the tabs. Well…I don’t know if he “couldn’t” or “didn’t” want to, but he looked horrified at our request and confusion. To make matters worse, the grilled cheese was charged as something more expensive. This was also something he couldn’t fix. We ended up closing the bill just so the two of us could leave the frickin’ place and he still managed to gip my friend out of a dollar.

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