Pizza Hut Mississippi reviews

Pizza Hut Mississippi customer survey reviews

Brian Twitch: Food is excellent, however, the service was bad. The waitress did not care to serve, she even did not clean the table after she spills some water on the table. It is sad that such a good place with excellent food had such a bad service.

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Reviews of Pizza Hut Mississippi feedback survey

Pamela Colt: Went one time and decided to have a bowl of chili. Horrible!.. dry, tasteless chili! Yes this is a diner, but give me a break most diners have tasty chili at least and not dried refried beans! and calling it chili! Another time a friend from out of town asked if we could go there, I With hesitation I gave in. The waiter was rude at the start, dropped the menus on the table & left. When he came back, he coldly asked for our order, which was ok when it arrived. But the waiter took his time after we ate giving us the check, “I waved to him, “I’m busy now…” after waiting for him to stop telling his story about a bad date to the other employee he decided to come over, slapped the check on the table & left. This bitchy queen only received a penny tip for lousy service and attitude. Yes their business is good some times, and your place may bring in $ but sooner or later people will stop going, except drunk queens who can’t even walk or see!

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Reviews of Pizza Hut Mississippi guest experience survey

Jim Jefferson: I am pretty hard to please but i am glad I came upon this place. Although its is a bit pricey, I go whenever I can afford it. The Seafood Curry is amasing. I usually add a crabcake croquette on top to make the meal a little more hearty.

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