Pizza Hut Maine reviews

Pizza Hut Maine customer survey reviews

Zoe Peters: Service, wasn’t anything special, they were out of OJ… and the food generally sucked. I was very disappointed by my experience. Would NOT recommend.

Edith Hines…..almost always this is what happens when a place moves from its old established place to new wis bang….it losses all its character. The old location was a treat that you looked forward to….the line out the door on Sunday mornings, the great breakfasts, the good vibes….All gone They went here to make money off the uncomplaining tecky crowd who will wait in line for anything….

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Pizza Hut Maine customer perception survey reviews

Brian Hunt: We came here for a family dinner. The food was fresh and incredibly delicious. We were so full we had to take some of the food home. The service was second to none. The waiter even gave us some extra mashed potatoes to take home with our food, so that we’d have a full meal for a next day :). The only downside is that the place is pretty small and gets packed very fast. We will definitely be coming back here. Highly recommended!

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Allen Gray: Come to find that the chef is from Texas and was also my hostess and server that day. Turns out the place is run by two couples, one of which being the chef. Not only did they have queso, but they carry Tito’s, Fried Pickles and a Pulled Pork Slider that even the Carolinas would have to admit was good.

Susan Barrett: Service: I expected it to be crowded, but we only had about a 5 minute wait for a table for 5. We ordered and got our food quickly.

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