Panda Express New Hampshire reviews

Panda Express New Hampshire survey best practice reviews

Jack Collins: Had lunch here yesterday we ordered lamb chicken and veg platter the flavors were excellent, we all commented that it woke up our taste buds. The service was very gracious and attentive, definitely will be back.

Barbara Hutchinson: This restaurant is a gem in entire San Francisco. I love the food, spices and friendly environment. So happy to eat here all the time. Vegetarian combo is awesome. Kitfo is on point.

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Panda Express New Hampshire survey custom maps reviews

Samantha Little: The food is not bad, however, you should eat before going to eat at this restaurant. Why? Well, it takes average 30 minutes for each dish to come out. So imagine if you order alot of dishes….. so that you are not going to yell at the servers and got to have alot of patience.

Oswald Jefferson: Panda Express sucks like a vacuum. The food is awful, considering that the home fries have taken their place as a stain on my 2xist boxer-briefs. In addition, the service came with nothing but “ughs” and “ummmmms?” As if they were all 16-year-old female cheerleaders.

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Reviews of Panda Express New Hampshire guest experience survey

Brian Twitch: 2:30 Sunday afternoon this place was open, even though the inventory was a little low after the lunch rush. There were half a dozen chefs and clerks in the kitchen area, and we were attended to at the ordering station immediately.

Tom Morgan: Dining was relaxed at the tables inside the building but just outside the service area, and looking around we realized it wouldn’t be nearly relaxed during commute hours. This was apparently the main path between the ferry and the Embarcadero. It was quiet on Sunday afternoon, though.

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