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McDVoice Customer Survey

Guide of survey

McDonald’s, as well as other big companies, knows how to make up a good strategy for self-development, improve the current list of services, create new and improve all the aspects of their work. Studying customer reviews is the fastest and the most reliable way to find out the real situation of the business, learn from the customer about what should be changed and what they think must be improved, and what the clients are happy with and would like to leave as is. Based on the feedbacks from the customers the company decides which part of their business needs more attention and where to concentrate more on better services or results. Results of the surveys also serve as the source for the new food items to be added to the menu, so that it doesn’t remain the same all the time and new ideas are introduced to make the clientele happy and satisfied.

Taking the survey is also your opportunity to praise the best employee of the chain, the McDonald’s corporation will recognize the contribution of the best employee, and may your voice will be decisive in this case. The overall ideas of conducting such a survey, of course, is to improve the level of services, and this is where your input will be appreciated. In long run, your feedback will give the opportunity to further changes, aimed to make McDonald the best place for visiting ever.

McDonald’s has made a special service where you can leave your comment and get a  reward for your efforts.

After analyzing the satisfaction of establishments, the company can find out what actions to take to improve service and quality of products. To leave a comment you need just the Internet connection and some free time being online.

How to publish survey

To begin McDVoice customer survey you need to have an access to the Internet, you can do that with a help of computer or smartphone. If you follow all instructions mentioned in McD Voice customer survey, the whole process will not take more than 10 minutes.

  1. Visit and set your language.
  2. Enter a store number code, it is printed on the receipt from MC Donalds.
  3. You will have to mention some details about your visit, time, data, totally spent, order type.
  4. Answer all McDVoice customer survey questions.
  5. Get a validation code as a reward.

Terms and Conditions of participating in McDVoice Survey

  • Only US and Canada citizens are eligible for participating in the survey;
  • To take the survey you must be at least 13 years old;
  • The employees of the chain are not allowed to participate in the survey;
  • One person is eligible for one offer only;
  • The receipt you receive in the Mc Donald restaurant is valid only for the period of 7 days to participate in the survey;
  • You should agree to the terms and conditions of the survey and confirm that you understand the language of the survey;

What is the McDVoice survey about?

  1. The survey is to cover one of the most important aspects – Customer satisfaction.
  2. What can be done to improve coordination of staff?
  3. Are the customers satisfied with the quality of services?
  4. Are the customers satisfied with the quality of food?
  5. Rate cleanliness of the store.
  6. Provide your feedback about ease of placing an order.
  7. Tell the chain if you’ll visit them again.

Feedback special offer may change, so you can receive different awards. Check the latest news about coupon offers and customer surveys.

About McDonald’s

McDonalds is the largest fast food company in the whole world. It was founded in 1940, at first it was a little barbecue restaurant, after years it became the most recognizable restaurant chain with more than 68 million customers every day in 119 countries. It has 35,000 outlets worldwide of different types including affiliates, the company itself and franchises. The Headquarter of the chain is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.

McDonald’s customer service phone number: 1-800-244-6227

McDonald’s corporate address: 2111 McDonald’s Dr. Oak Brook, IL 60523

As of today McDonald’s is one of the leaders in the fast food chains, serving more than 68 000 000 customers a day.

The restaurant specializes in preparing cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fries, drinks, and desserts. Its menu constantly changes and it is hard to track its fresh offers and meals. If you have something to say about food or service in McDonald’s restaurants you should use its feedback service and be sure all troubles will be solved in time and on the top quality.