McDonald’s Survey Reviews

McDonalds customer satisfaction survey reviews

Dale Parsons: The people here are very friendly and we had an amazing dinner. I’d like to stress that there is a sign on the door that states they have ATM and their CC machine is a bit shotty, So Tram N. this place did not lie to you, i think you just decided to block out everything else that paper said on it. It was very clear what they meant when it said “be prepared to pay cash”. We grabbed cash from the ATM and ended up paying with our CC, not a big deal. All in all – the waiter was worth it and the line is not too bad. I would come earlier or possibly come at a strange time during the week. Definitely a must try in this city!

Margaret Jones: The service was excellent–fast, funny. and professional. The waitstaff is so on it, that your food is served fresh and at the perfect temperature. The staff kept our coffee cups full and was very helpful and friendly.

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Bertram Cobb: Love this place. It’s because the ingredients are always fresh and of high quality, often organic.

Jim Knight: I love to come here and get my favorite dishes… Tea leaf salad is a must, since this is the only place where they don’t add lettuce to it. Coconut rice, samosas, fish cakes… the list turns to be endless. If you are eager to eat there on a weekend night, and you can swing it, I’d recommend getting takeout. No reason to wait in ridiculous lines.

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Jonathan Philips: They offer creative menu that puts together traditional flavors with contemporary / local nuance.

Michael Miles: It’s consistently a good, friendly service.

Dana Turner: Fairly quiet upstairs; noisier down below.

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