McDonald’s Ohio reviews

McDonald’s Ohio loyalty survey reviews

Samantha Parson: I have just had dinner there with my 8-year-old. My beautiful memories of this place are shattered: the service was far from prompt, the food was mediocre. I’ve paid (a lot!) for the view (unfortunately, it was very foggy ;-). Sorry to see the landmark turn into a purely tourist place, where return business is not important…

Dick Carter: Shame on Yelp… it lead me to believe I was making a reservation for The Bistro (I don’t know, maybe it was because it said “The Cliff House Bistro” and “Make a Reservation”). We arrived on time to be told you can’t make a reservation at the Bistro, only the main restaurant which is a lot more expensive. We ate at the main restaurant since we were meeting a friend and did not want to cause a stink. Food was fine, but it was not at all what we had expected.

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McDonald’s Ohio guest experience survey reviews

Pamela Stone: The venue is dramatic and inspiring. The architecture inside and outside makes maximum advantage of site location. It makes maximum advantage of lightning and the sites natural grandeur. The views are as spectacular as any in San Francisco or the surrounding environs.

Pete Cole: The wine and drink selections are what you would expect from a rundown San Francisco establishment.

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Reviews of McDonald’s Ohio survey for it services

Andrew McDougal: This restaurant is run by a husband and wife team with a pedigree for great Thai cooking (the original Yamo in the Mission), a pride of ownership, and a keen sense for blending flavors with nuance and subtlety. That the outer Mission got this as its 1st Thai place is nothing short of good Karma.

Sarah Bridge: This neighborhood joint sells sashimi-grade fish, sushi rolls, ceviche and oysters. The management is friendly, and you don’t have to wait too long. Not much of an atmosphere inside (florescent lights, lino floors) so take it to go.

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