McDonald’s Missouri reviews

McDonald’s Missouri guest experience survey reviews

Francis Atkins: I just experience the most embarrassing moment of my life at that place that i heard is not good, but unfortunately is the only open around the Castro, after everything close after 2am. Went into the restaurant and one of the waiters in a very bad attitude ask us to wait outside(me and my friend) another 2 guys whom seem to know this waiter came right after us and they waited inside with another 3rd person who came and also waited inside, he didn’t asked them to wait outside. A table was being clean and the busser signaled me to come to that table,so we did, he knew we were first, and right after that that waiter came to the table and yell at us asking us to leave because somebody else (his friends) were waiting before. I wanted to argue with him but my friend couldn’t put up that attitude and left so i did. I’ve been before there the service is not good neither the food, but after this incident I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AND LEAST RECOMMENDED IT.

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McDonald’s Missouri customer perception survey reviews

George Merritt: Went for breakfast fairly early on a Wednesday morning and the place was cramped and busy. I ordered 2 eggs, bacon, homefries, toast and coffee and my son ordered pancakes and coffee. The service was decent and the food was good. My only complaint is that breakfast at a small café shouldn’t cost over $30 for two people no matter what city your in.

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Amanda Grey: I am totally addicted to the “fireball” dish. It is terrific! Everything is great!

Charles Tate: The food was mediocore, at best. Fried Calamari was the high point.

William Lucas: The service is attentive and professional.

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