Target Survey

Target Survey

Guide of survey

To take part in Target survey you need an access to the Internet and 10 minutes of free time. On the official site of Target you will find a customer feedback or satisfaction service.

Every guest of the Target can answer the question and leave own comments online. If you have some questions about the survey you can use one of phone number services.

How to publish survey on

To leave your comment with a help of Target survey service you have to follow a simple instruction and after 10 minutes you will receive a result.

  1. Visit, you can do that in the browser as well with a help of smartphone application.
  2. Select your language.
  3. Enter Target ID receipt number and password (they are printed on a Target receipt from the store you have visited). The survey is limited in time, if you leave your computer within 20 minutes, you will have to take a survey again.
  4. Answer some questions about your visit to Target.
  5. After completing a survey you will be informed whether you have won a $25 gift card. You will be also subscribed to national sweepstakes and will get a chance to win $1500. You can check your status in the winners list in user room on the web page.
  6. You have to add some contact information, contact number or E-mail, name, zip code, address, and state where you have a resident status.
  7. Click submit to finish Target survey.

About Target

Target Corporation is one of the largest American discount retailing company, the main office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target was founded in 1902, for more than 100 years of development it has reached an overwhelming success and now it is a second discount retailer in the United States.

The first store was opened in 1962, since that time the number of stores has grown up to 1,900 stores all over the USA. Target is still growing and working on its service and products.

The company seeks for reliable and responsible clients, who will help the Target to reach even better results. All efforts will be rewarded, 10 minutes on the web will be transformed in gift cards and millions of reviews will make a valuable statistic.